With 30 draft options, it’s hard to choose just one! Explore the amazing craftsmanship from New Mexico and beyond with our flight boards: Four (4) different draft beers of your choice Five (5) oz. pours of each brew Ten ($10) per flight!

Fruity and/or Sour

Marble Triple Berry ABV (7.0%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
All the Double White taste you love with layers of luscious fruit and the same exact buzz!

Marble Double White ABV (7.0%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Delicate and dry, pale and hazy. A local, Belgian-inspired wheat beer with some serious spunk!

Santa Fe Social Hour ABV (7.0%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Hazy wit-inspired ale with tropical hints of pineapple, pink guava, coriander, and mint.

Founder's Rubaeus Nitro ABV (5.7%)

12oz – $6.00 | 16oz $7.00
Optimizing the flavor of fresh raspberries, this stunning berry-red masterpiece is the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and refreshing.

Boxing Bear Black & Blue Sour ABV (5.6%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Crisp and tart, with a subtle sweetness, this delicious ale is bursting with flavor of blackberries and blueberries. A perfect way to ease into sours.

Blue Moon ABV (5.1%)

12oz – $4.50 | 16oz $5.00
Belgian-style witbier brewed with Valencia orange peels.

Bosque Elephants on Parade ABV (6.1%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Packed with a raspberry and tart cherry puree and colored with a Sandia sunset, this unfiltered, American- style wheat ale is lightly sweet and tart.

IPAs & Ales

Marble Red Ale ABV (6.5%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Hoppy red! bold and bright bursting with Pacific-NW hops balanced by caramel and toasted malts.

Voodoo Ranger Juice Haze IPA ABV (7.5%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Hazy, unfiltered IPA with bright tropical aromas.

La Cumbre Elevated IPA ABV (7.2%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
West-coast style IPA; New Mexico’s local favorite.

Santa Fe 7K IPA ABV (7.0%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Dry, West-coast style IPA, dominantly tropical and citrus notes. Drinks easily considering its high ABV.

Bosque IPA ABV (6.5%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Well-balanced American IPA, caramel and pale malts balance out big tropical and citrus hops, medium body.

Santa Fe Pale Ale ABV (5.4%)

12oz – $4.50 | 16oz $5.50
Full bodied as its most robust English counterpart while asserting its American origin with a healthy nose resplendent with Cascade, Cluster & Williamette hops.


Marble Cerveza ABV (4.5%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00

Crafted with character, this unabashadly crushable beer is our local’s choice for a Mexican-style lager.

Marble Pilsner ABV (7.0%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Dry hopped, unfiltered German classic that is spicy, floral and crisp!

Stella Artois ABV (5.2%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00

Dos XX Mexican Lager ABV (4.2%)

12oz – $4.50 | 16oz $5.00

Michelob Ultra ABV (4.2%)

12oz – $3.50 | 16oz $4.50

Pabst Blue Ribbon ABV (4.8%)

12oz – $3.50 | 16oz $4.00

Bosque Lager ABV (4.8%)

12oz – $4.50 | 16oz $5.50
Inspired by German Pilsners, Bosque Lager quenches thirsty palates without sacrificing depth and character. Where this straw-colored, crisp, and brilliant lager deviates from tradition is in a noble hop dry-hop for a bright and floral aroma.


Boxing Bear Ambear ABV (5.2%)

12oz – $4.50 | 16oz $5.50
Refreshing and flavorful amber ale with slight red ale characteristics. Lightly hopped, with just enough malt to balance the spicy aromas of the East Kent Golding hops.


Santa Fe Nut Brown ABV (5.2%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Flavorful and complex, but at the same time, mild enough to be sessionable. An easy-drinking, mild, smooth brew.


Bosque Scotia Scotch Ale ABV (8.4%)

12oz – $5.50 | 16oz $6.50
Scotia’s bold flavors and intrepid presence have become a legend. With a deep amber hue and luscious viscosity, heavy on the alcohol and malt sweetness.

Chocolate Milk Stout ABV (5.2%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Albuquerque’s own- Boxing Bear Brewery’s award-winning stout! Sweet, silky, and delicious.

Guinness ABV (4.2%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Velvety in its finish,

Bottled Beer


Heineken $5.00
Corona $5.00
Negra Modelo $5.00
Especial $5.00
Tecate Light $3.00


Coors Light $4.00
Miller Lite $4.00
Miller High Life $4.00
Bud Light $5.00
Budweiser $5.00


Applebear Cider ABV (5.0%)

12oz – $5.00 | 16oz $6.00
Slightly sweet, bursting with fresh fruit flavor and aroma.

Angry Orchard (Bottle) ABV (5.0%)

16oz $5.00

Ace Perry Cider ABV (5.0%)

12oz – $6.00 | 16oz $7.00
Refreshing and light pear cider; semi-sweet with dry finish.

Allergy information

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